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Product Manual Sorting App

This app allows you to sort your products on the storefront manually. You can change the order of the products easily once you install the app through Apps & Services by dragging them. Once you install the app make sure to enable its status as follows:

Now before clicking on the Save button, feel free to drag the products and sort them as you wish, you can select a category through the categories field to change the order of the category's items:

Please be aware that If you changed the order of some items while selecting their category, it will reflect on their order among all of the items since the categories field in this app helps you only to filter the items. Once you drag an item above another item it will stay like that in each category including both of them. Now save the changes and the new sort/order you've just made will reflect instantly on your storefront to suit your store's needs!

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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