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Gameball Loyalty Program App

Reward good behavior as soon as it occurs. Gameball is a powerful loyalty, rewards, and referral widget that allows you complete control over how you monitor, customize, and reward your customers' success on your website. With Gameball, retain and grow your customers by creating personal experiences tailored to their actions and interests. Gameball’s engagement programs keep your customers hooked and invested through game-like features. Let your customers earn points, collect badges, refer friends, and level up through your experience.

In this article:

How to create a Gameball account
How to integrate Gameball with your store
How to manage Gameball
Gameball settings
How Gameball looks like on your storefront and how customers can use it

How to create a Gameball account

To sign up, please access this page, then provide your email address and data:

After providing and giving the needed information, you can name your loyalty program and set a color:

Anyway, you can change this later normally! Now you have created the account, you will be redirected to the Gameball dashboard:

Through the admin settings, you will find the integration APIs which you will need in the following step:

How to integrate Gameball with your store

You can find the Gameball loyalty program app in the Apps & Services on ExpandCart's dashboard, once you install it make sure to enable its status and fill the fields with the API keys you copied in the previous steps (The test API key is not required unless you want to active the test mode that located below the status button):

After clicking on the save button, now you can go back to the Gameball dashboard and publish it on your store through this button:

After publishing Gameball, now whenever a customer visit your store, will find Gameball widget:

How to manage Gameball

Besides the dashboard, Gameball contains the following sections:

1- Players

Where you can check the players' data (Customers), program achievement and points transaction as well as adding/deducting points, changing levels, and more: 

2- Programs

Through this tab, you can configure the loyalty programs such as the referrals and the cashback:

3- Notifications

The In-App notifications will be active by default, you can inactive them or edit them as you wish:

The Emails notifications will be inactive by default, but you can easily enable them and test it before making them active as follows:

4- Messages

From here check the stats of the widget messages and edit them such as the URL link the guests will be redirected to when clicking on Join Now button:

5- Apps

To integrate your Gameball with third-party applications such as Mailchimp:

6- Analytics

Find here advanced analytics where you can get more data and stats about your Gameball programs, players, and more:

Gameball settings

Through the widget settings you can configure anything related to it with a live preview such as adding a new language:

We can add the Arabic language, for example, as follows:

Added languages are automatically changed to fit your storefront settings for players according to the language of the store they visit and you can enable it as the default language (if there is a language enabled on the store and not on Gameball, the default language will appear for customers/players instead) from here before saving and clicking on the Save button:

Now when you edit a message (which appears on the Gameball widget on your storefront) or a notification for example you will have an additional field for each language enabled on Gameball:

As for admin settings, you can set the currency (Please select the default one you ExpandCart store) and the essential settings:

How Gameball looks like on your storefront and how customers can use it

The guest message will appear to you customers as long as they're not signed-in which asks them to join:

Make sure to go to the messages tab in Gameball and make sure that by clicking on Join Now will be redirected to your sign-in/sign up page:

When editing it, you will have the option to set a different URL link (By default it will be the Gameball homepage):

If the customer signed in or up will get their rewards normally including the new customer reward if you're enabling it:

Now, so customers can use Gameball points, all they need is to click on the Redeem button that will be available on the checkout page:

Afterward, customers can choose how many points they want to redeem:

Once the customer clicks on Generate Coupon a coupon code will be generated automatically and the customer can use it to apply the discount:

And by default, if the customer placed the order will get 1 point for every 1 EGP (The default currency) Spent based on the cashback program configuration and so on, hence, Gameball open the door for you to set loyalty programs in the way you prefer to earn more loyal customers and make your store more entertaining.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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