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Knawat Dropshipping App

Start dropshipping fashion products on your store effortlessly through Knawat Dropshipping App!

In this article, we will let you know how to:

Create a Knawat account and link it to your ExpandCart store.
Install and configure Knawat Dropshipping App on your store.
Choose the products from Knawat to import them.
Import products to a specific category.
Fulfill orders

Standing out with thousands of high-quality products. Knawat provides you with a massive online catalog, a variety of products to choose from, and gives you the opportunity to start your business or grow your existing company risk-free. All products are offered at wholesale cost. The cost you see is what you pay, even in small quantities. You have the freedom to choose the price your customers pay based on your desired profit margin. This allows you to be competitive in your niche and build your marketing strategy. Importing products to your online store takes just minutes to be done. Simply search for the products you want, click “import” and here they are. All the products and their details will instantly be in your store.

Create a Knawat account and link it to your ExpandCart store:

To create a Knawat account, we will open the following page and sign up normally or through Google/Facebook account instead:

After following the quick start guide, we will scroll down to the "Start Now" part and click on choose "On my e-commerce store" as shown below:

Afterward, we will choose ExpandCart as follows:

Once we select the ExpandCart option, we will be redirected to type the store's username or your domain if you linked it to your ExpandCart store or purchased one through us:

Then we will click on the "Create" button as shown below:

Once we're done, we will make sure to go to the store settings and choose our store's default currency which will need to be set as the one we set as a default currency in our ExpandCart's store, we can set the Shop Name (Storefront name) we can activate one or more of the three languages available on Knawat as well:

We will be able to set the profit margin we aim for too:

Now we linked the store from the Kanwat end, we will need to install and configure the Knawat app from our ExpandCart store's end.

Install and configure Knawat Dropshipping App on your store:

Firstly, we will access the "Apps and Services" page from the dashboard and find "Knawat Dropshipping" in order to install it:

When we click on the app, we will need to click on the button shown below:

Once the app is installed we can set it up normally:

1- To enable the app we will need to enable that switch.

2- If we enabled that switch the Kanawt products will not be updated automatically on the storefront product page.

3-Once you click on it all the products selected from the Knawat catalog will be imported and uploaded with the latest changes/configurations. 

4- When clicking on "Sync now" the products we deleted from our Knawat catalog will be deleted on our store as well.

5- If this switch is enabled, the products will be imported forcibly including the new ones, and any changes we made on the products' pages through ExpandCart's tools (Such as editing the description or moving the product to another category, etc.), will be reverted back and will be imported as it is in the Knawat catalog.

You will fill fields number 6 and 7 with the following keys you will copy from your Knawat settings as shown below:

8- We will set the status of the order that once the order reaches will be sent to Knawat to be fulfilled.

Note: Once you set the settings, please make sure to click on the "Save" button.

Choose the products from Knawat to import them:

It's very simple, once you select the items you want, you will refer to the"Import" button on the top-right corner as shown below:

As simple as that, the selected products will be imported to your store automatically once you click on the "Run Import" button in the Knawat app in ExpanCart!

Knawat Product catalog has advanced search tools that allow you to quickly find and import products to your store. With the catalog search filters, you can select the desired search criteria and show the products of your choice. You can combine more than one search option to show the products that you wish to add to your store. Please refer to this article for more information.

Import products to a specific category:

Products imported from Knawat will be imported to their categories specified in Knawat, in case you want the Knawat product to be imported in a specific category, you can open the app settings in ExpandCart, enable the below option, and set the category as follows:

Fulfill orders:

When a customer places an order, and once the order status will be as the one set in the app settings as shown below the order will be sent to Knawat automatically:

Once the order status is processed or like the one we set on the settings above, the order will be sent to Knawat to be fulfilled automatically, you will be able to check the orders in your Knawat account as well through the following section:

Once you open the order, you can add the customer's address and then pay for the order so it gets shipped to the customer directly.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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