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AliExpress dropshipping integration

Ali-Express app is one of several dropshipping or commissioning applications that the ExpandCart platform provides to you. You can easily link your account and import products from Ali-Express into your store by following the below steps. All you need to do is to go to the apps & services section in the store dashboard:

Search for the AliExpress application, then install the app.

Click on the "App Setup" button to adjust its settings to match your preferences.

Choose the module “configurations” from the side menu, then change the application status to “Enabled” and then click on save as shown in the screenshot below:

Below are the adjustable settings. You can add the Maps API Key to your Google account, as some suppliers need to determine the actual location through Google Maps in order to be able to import the products directly to the customer and this is based on the old policy of Ali Express, you do not currently need to activate Google Maps, but you can get the key by clicking on "Get the Google Maps key button":

Dropship user group:

This is to specify the group of administrators that will have the authority to use the application. You can add and modify the administrator groups by going to (settings >>  Administrators >> administrators and authorities)

Complete order status:

This option is to choose the status of orders when they are completed, to help you differentiate between store requests and AliExpress requests. It is preferred to leave it as "default":

The warehouse manager can add the product: Enabling managers to add products, preferably choose "Enabled"

Direct to store:

To choose if you would like to add products that have been imported from Ali Express directly with the store's products, it is preferable to choose "enabled"

Product fields:

Select the product fields that you would like to have imported along with the products. It is preferred to “Select All”

Username: This will be used during the integration between Ali-Express and your store with the Expand Card.

Token: This will be the code to be used in the integration process as well. You can generate a Token by clicking on this button:


To specify the quantity of the product options that you want to import with the product, it is preferred to write 20, for example, as leaving it blank might affect the importing process and so the products will not be imported.

Default weight:

To specify the default weight of the products when imported into your store.

Default weight class:

To Specify the unit weight that will be used in your store.

Language for imported products:

Select the language/s in which the product information will be imported, "it is preferable to choose all'' Bearing in mind that the product information on AliExpress in Arabic is mostly translated by Google Translate Service so it may not be inaccurate.

Imported Products Review Status:

To choose whether or not the ratings and reviews will be imported along with the products, taking into account that the ratings and reviews of AliExpress products are huge and may cause a slow process of importing products if this option is “Enabled”.

Remove Keywords/Add new keyword:

To specify the keywords that you would like them to be added along with the products or to remove some keywords when importing them from AliExpress.


Choose the product price that will be fetched from Ali-express, if the “Maximum” is chosen, the highest price of the product will be fetched. For example, if the product has a discount, the discount price will be ignored and the product will be fetched at its original price.

Real Sync:

To choose whether you would like the product information to be modified periodically when it is updated on the Ali-express website, such as quantity, name, description, and so on.

How to integrate and import products from AliExpress:

The following steps should be followed through (Google Chrome) browser, you need to make sure that the browser is updated. Go to this link to add the extension:

Go to the AliExpress website and choose any of the categories as the extension will only work when you’re using a category page. Make sure to browse through this link when importing products in Arabic and browse through the following link when importing products in English:

Click on the blue button appearing at the top of the browser next to the address bar to import products, then choose Update Authentication details.

The following page will be displayed. Type in your store name, then click on next.

The following page will be displayed. Type in the user name and the token which we have created earlier, then submit.

When hovering over any product, the import icon will appear. Just click on that icon if you wish to import this specific product. If you wish to import several products at once, you can click on the (Bulk Import) button at the right side of the page as shown in the following screenshot.

The Imported products will be added to “Ali-Express products” section in the Ali-Express app in your store:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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