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Qoyod Integration App: Invoices & Inventory manager

This app integrates your Qoyod account with ExpandCart. Qoyod is the Easiest Cloud Accounting Software for Your Business. Qoyod offers professional invoices, inventory controls, and more.

In this article we will let you know how to:

Create an account and install the app
Integrate Qoyod to your ExpandCart store
Create an account and install the app:

Firstly we will create a Qoyod account through the following page. Once you provide the required information the account will be created, please make sure to select the default currency and provide the rest of the required information. Once you create the account, you will be asked to provide your customers' information as well as your products list.

You can upload your customers' information in an excel sheet instead of adding them one by one using this format:

Once you click on the import button, please download the form (By clicking on xlsx format) and fill it with your customers' data:

You can export your customers' information through ExpandCart, but the file can't be used instead of the one you downloaded through Qoyod, but it will help you to copy the data to Qoyod form in a more efficient way:

To export all of your customer data, we will set the limit as 0 so you get an excel file that includes all of your customers:

To upload the products, we can do the same through this page: 

The Qoyod form for the products will be downloaded (By clicking on xlsx format button firstly) once you follow the steps shown in the following screenshot:

To export your products from ExpandCart to an excel file (You will have to use the form you downloaded through Qoyod) so you can fill the other sheet you will access the products tab located in the dashboard:

Then you will select which items you wish to export and choose the language, after choosing the options you prefer, the products will be downloaded in an excel sheet once you click on the following button:

Afterward, we will access the "Apps & Services" tab to search for the app and open its page to install it:

Integrate Qoyod to your ExpandCart store:

To integrate the Qoyod, all you will need is to access the Qoyod settings and generate the API Key to take a copy of it so we can add it to the app's settings in ExpandCart:

We will open the app's settings and make sure to enable the app's status then we will paste the API Key in its field and click on the "Apply" button before clicking on the save button as shown below:

Then as shown in the previous screenshot we will have the option to select the order statuses that Qoyod should create an invoice for as well as leaving an invoice description (You can edit the Invoice itself through Qoyod settings). The Qoyod Contact ID and Inventory ID are drop-down menus you can select the option you want from them, e.g. if you have more than a warehouse, you will have to choose one of them (The IDs will appear once you click on the "Apply" button)

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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