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Social Login App

Engage your customers faster with quick registration and login using their social media accounts. This app allows your customers to register and log in using their social media accounts saving them time wasted on entering registration details. This is an excellent marketing feature, your customers will easily register and it will allow you to collect more contacts added to your mailing list. You can still collect more details after they register using social media accounts, and you can customize the collected fields as you desire.

In this article:

*How to install the app**
*App settings**

**How to install the app:**

Go to apps & services from your store dashboard
Search for social login app.
Then Access the app and install it.

**App Settings:**

The app settings page consists of five sections that will be explained in detail.

Status: Please ensure that the status of the app is enabled to be able to use it.


In this section, the needed information to access accounts for the four available platforms, and you can learn how to create a developer account with each platform and activate the Express Entry service by following the instructions in the help center.

Basic Settings:


By enabling this button, You can make every person that registers with social login accept newsletters by default.

Customer group:

You can define the customer group for customers, who sign in with the social login option.

Page direction post-registration:

Enter the page URL that will be used for a newly registered customer to return to

Or You can leave this field empty and the user will return to the previous page.

Set the background image of the last popup screen:

You can upload an image to be used as a background image on the last popup screen.


Through this section, the registration icons for the available platforms can be activated or deactivated, and they can be rearranged according to your desire through the three-dot mark next to each button.


Through this section, it is possible to enable or disable the required fields when registering a new account through the application, and fields can also be rearranged through the three-point mark next to each field. Regarding the phone number field, its formula is customized according to your desire, as the number 9 is written for each required number field, and? 9 is written for each optional number field. Meaning that the formula:

99999999999? 9

Represents the mobile number: 2 (011) 111-22223

Where the last number 3 is optional and can be dispensed with.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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