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LikeCard is the number 1 pre-paid platform in the MENA region with the most extensive catalog comprising more than 1500 pre-paid cards, including but not limited to (iTunes, Google Play, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, telco top-up of Mobily, Zain, Sawa). They are committed to providing a wide range of pre-paid cards that would give your customers online access, a friendly user experience, and competitive prices. To use the app you need to have a mail server (Since the cards will be sent to your customers via an E-Mail) as well as a LikeCard account.

Necessary: The store's default currency must be SAR, so LikeCard functions properly.

You need a merchant LikeCard account first to be able to use the app. To do so, please fill out the following form:

Once you send the form, LikeCard will help you in creating an account. When the account is created there will be a contract between you and LikeCard regarding the balance of the cards you want to display on your store. In the end, they will provide you with some keys and an excel sheet that includes the cards codes.

Now that your LikeCard account is created go to the Apps & Services to install LikeCard. Firstly, enable its status once its download:

After enabling the app's status, please provide your LikeCard Email, password and fill the rest of the fields (All of these data will be provided to you from LikeCard). After filling the fields correctly, click on the Save button:

Now you can check your LikeCard Balance by clicking on this button:

If the balance was displayed, the account has been linked successfully. There is an excel sheet that includes the cards codes that will be provided to you from LikeCard; you will need to upload it from the following button:

After uploading the sheet and clicking on the save button, sync the categories and then the products from the buttons shown in the previous screenshot. Once the above steps are done, the products will appear in your store successfully, and customers can purchase the cards from your store. When customers purchase one of the cards, they will receive an email that includes the card data, such as its code.

Finally, always make sure that you have a sufficient balance so your customers can place orders usually without facing any issues. Make sure that the available payment methods for the cards are pre-paid since such types of products need no delivery or any physical interaction.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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