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Product Bundles App

With the product bundle application, you can offer different discounts on a group of products.

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How to install the app
How to apply it to a product
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The offer on the storefront

Offer personalized bundles, bulk discount packages, and assembled products Bundle of a few products together, offer them at a discount, and watch your sales soar! No doubt, bundling is one of the most effective marketing strategies around. But it’s also a vital technique for creating products made up of multiple parts — like skateboards, computers, furniture, or even cupcake boxes.

How to install the app:

To install the app, we will access the "Apps & Services" tab and search for the app to open it and install it as follows:

Once we install that app, we will make sure to enable its status and then click on the "Save" button:

How to apply it to a product:

We can now access any item's page and apply this function to it as follows:

1- You can select the items (you can select more than an item) you want the customer to get a discount on if bought the item you're editing on its page.

2- The discount percentage that will be applied on the selected item if the customer bought the item you're applying the app on.

Use cases:

1-Buy item and get a discount on the second item: You can offer a product and get a discount percentage on the second piece of the same product, you will just need to select the same item you want to apply the product bundles option to.

2-Buy X and get a discount on Y: You can offer a discount on another item if the customer bought the item you're applying the app to, make sure to select the item properly and then adjust the discount percentage as you wish.

3- Buy 1 get 1: After choosing the item, you can make the discount percentage 100% so the customer gets the item for free if he/she bought the item you applied the app on.

The offer on the storefront:

In this example we will offer 50% on another item if the customer purchased a specific one:

When a customer opens a page of an item that has a bundle offer, this button will appear to the customer:

Once the customer clicks on it, the offer will be displayed on the cart as follows:

To make your customers know about the offer, you can create pop-up windows easily through the Popup Windows App or TrustRol App.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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