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Printing Documents App

If you are printing documents, printouts, flyers, business cards, or any other printable for your customers, this app will provide an easy calculator wizard for buyers!

Firstly, we will install the app by accessing the dashboard and referring to the "Apps and Services" tab to find the app and open its page in order to install it as follows:

Once we install it, we will be redirected to its page to enable its status and add the packing types we want (You can add no types if the product doesn't require that and just enable the app):

Now we added the packing types and activated the app, we will need to add a product or edit an existing one through the products page we can access through the dashboard, will refer to the Printing Document section on the product's page as shown below and make sure to enable its status:

We will make sure as well that the option we will choose or create for the item its type should be "File" as shown below:

Once we edit the product and save the changes, the product appears to customers as follows:

1- The price of each copy (the packing type price will be added if it's more than zero)

2- Upload the file

3- The packing types we added in the app's settings, the type's price will be added to the price of each copy if it's more than zero.

4- Number of pages, in this example mostly it will be only 1 since it's a business card if the customer increased the number of pages the price of each copy will equal the number of pages multiplied by the copy's price.

5- The number of copies, the final price equals the one copy's price multiplied by the number of the copies.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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