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POS: Settings (Shipping - Receipt - Barcode)

In this article, we will outline the POS settings and the purpose of each button located in the Shipping Details- Customize Receipt- Barcode Settings tabs. To access the POS settings, click on the following button:

Shipping Details:

In this tab, you can enable the Home delivery option if you can offer it to your POS customer, afterward, name it in each language activated on the store and set a maximum charge for home delivery. The user can then choose it while creating the order and set the charge of it (The user can fill in the maximum charge you set or less than it only)

Customize Receipt:

Select from the left list which you want to be shown in the invoice/receipt the user will be able to print to the POS customers. You have the option to select the paper size and the font style whether it's normal or bold.

Barcode Settings:

From the left list, you can enable which you want to be printed with the Barcode. If all of them are enabled the printed Barcode will look like this:

You can choose the Barcode size (Leave it empty if there are no preferences), and based on what you want the Barcode to be generated (If you selected one of the options and the product doesn't have it, it will be generated automatically)

Lastly, make sure to click on the Save button once you're done.

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Updated on: 23/01/2023

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