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Orders Assignee App

This app allows merchants to assign incoming orders to different store admins (users). Top administrators will have the permission to assign orders to other admins, other admins will have the ability to assign orders to themselves only. The app will allow merchants to easily manage and track their orders.

In this article:

Activating the app
Assigning orders to orders fulfillment members
Reflection on orders reports
The permission to change and set an order assignee

App Features:

Assign new incoming orders to admin users.
Only administrators with “Assign orders” permission can change order assignees.
Merchants will be able to track assignees' work.
Filter orders report by order assignees.
Activating the app:

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access its settings and enable the app status as shown below:

Assigning orders to orders fulfillment members:

Once you have received an order, click on the order number.

You will notice that there’s a new field has been added which is the (assign order) field. You can now assign this order to one of the order fulfillment team members. Store managers can assign the order to any member, while order fulfillment members can only assign the orders to themselves.

Reflection on orders reports:

You can review orders by their assigned members by going to (Analytics) from your store dashboard, then (Orders) to access the orders reports.

You will be able to filter order results by order assignees as shown. 

The permission to assign order:

Top administrators will have the permission to assign orders to other admins or change them, but you can give access to other admins and users to do the same. In order to give the permission, go to the Users & Permissions through the store settings:

From the Roles section, you can create a role or modify an existing role by clicking on it and adding the permission to assign orders:

Then type the word assignee and give the access and modify permission to the role as follows:

Once the admin or user role has that permission, they can assign orders normally.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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