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Mailchimp integration and creating newsletter

Engage with your customers and send targeted emails based on your customer's behavior, increase your sales with a strong marketing email provider like MailChimp!

In this article:

How to create an account on MailChimp
Integrate your store with MailChimp
Linking audience lists
Installing and setting up the app

The following features are available in the app:

Integration with MailChimp, the award-winning email marketing, and marketing automation solution.
Track customers who register.
Track customers who make orders.
Track customers with the abandoned carts.
Manage all your workflows and emails from inside MailChimp.

Creating an account with MailChimp

To be able to use this app, you will need to create an account with MailChimp through this link: 

Insert your email address, username, and password. Then click on Signup

Integrate your store with MailChimp

Once you have created the account and set it up, Link your estore with MailChimp by clicking on (Get Started)

From the left side menu, go to integrations, then custom website:

Make sure that your store address is written correctly, then click on Get Code.

Copy this code.

Go to settings from your store dashboard, then custom codes.

Paste the copied code into the body scripts section then click on the Save button.

Return to MailChimp again and click on Check Connection.

The following confirmation message will be dispatched.

Linking Audience lists

By linking the audience lists, you will be able to see the customers subscribed to the mailing list whose data is automatically sent from the store to your MailChimp account.

but to successfully complete the process of sending customers data, you must first integrate your store with MailChimp.

You can do so by going to your profile, then Account.

Then click on (Extras) and choose Api keys.

You will be directed to the following page, just click on create Api Key

Here’s the Api key which will be used while linking the audience lists from your store to your account with MailChimp.

Installing and setting up the app

To install the app, go to apps and services from your store dashboard. Then search for the app and install it.

App Setup

1- Status: Make sure that the app status is enabled

2- ApiKey: Insert the Api Key that we have previously copied.

3- Username: Insert your username on MailChimp account

4- DC: Add the subdomain to the URL of your MailChimp account.

5- Subscription Status: If the subscribed customer accounts are automatically approved on your store without the need for the store manager's approval, then choose (Subscribed)

If manual approval is required, choose Pending.

6- List id: You can get the list Id by going to Audience, then setings

Scroll down to the page button, then copy the list id and paste it in its required field.

7- Register tag name:

8- Order tag name:

9- Abandoned tag name:

In the fields: (7, 8, 9) type in the category of the customers of which each case is applied(registered customers, customers who placed an order, and customers who abandoned their cart)  so they would be divided into different groups on your account with MailChimp.

The letter used should be in English and without spaces or numbers. Click on the save button once done.


Once settings are saved, customer data will be sent when registering, completing orders, or abandoning the shopping cart to the list of Audience in your MailChimp account, in order to be able to send advertising and marketing emails or discounts to the entire group of customers according to their classification.

Note: Sending customer data in the event of an abandoned cart requires installing and activating the abandoned cart App on your store first.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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