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Fit and Shop is the first virtual fitting room in the MENA Region. Customers will be able to try the clothes they want to buy online on their bodies and see how they will fit. Recommending, and comparing the different sizes of the brands with the customers’ bodies and allowing them to shop clothes online with the confidence of never getting the wrong size again.

To be able to use this app, you will need to have an account with (

In this article:

How to create an account with fit&shop
Integrate your store with fit&shop
Adding products to your fit and shop account
How it gets reflected on your storefront

How to create an account with fit&shop:

Go to ( then click on (Sign up).

Insert the required information such as (brand, email, password, and upload the brand’s logo) then click on (Signup).

Once you have created the account and logged into it, go to the (recent credentials) section, then click on (create new api key) as shown in the following image.

You will be granted an (API Key). Copy this code, as we will need it to complete the integration steps.

Integrate your store with fit&shop:

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access the app settings as follows: Make sure that the app status is enabled, then paste the (Api Key) then click on the Save button.

Adding products to your fit and shop account.:

The next step is to add products to your (Fit & Shop) account. Go to the products section, then click (add new Item).

You will be directed to the following page, choose the product category, insert the product name and SKU, then click on (Submit)

Add measurements by clicking on the (Add button)

Now you can add the size, and it’s measurements such as (chest, waist, sleeve, hips) then click on (Submit).

You can repeat the same steps to add more products or measurements and sizes.

Now, we will go back to the app, and click on import categories.

How it gets reflected on your storefront:

Next, go to the products section, access the product for which you would like to activate the measurements options. In the (fit and shop categories) section, make sure that the status is enabled. Choose the category, and the collection, then click on the save button

You can now click on the preview of how the product will be displayed on your storefront by clicking on the preview button.

This is how the products will be displayed to your customers.

Or customers can now insert their exact sizes to ensure the correct product will be delivered to them.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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