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Delivery Slots App

Make it easy for customers to choose a convenient delivery date during checkout and maximize your available delivery capacity and reduce cart abandonment:

You can enable its status and make it mandatory to choose the date on the checkout page referring to the two switches shown in the screenshot below:

You can set the maximum number of days a customer can choose, as well as setting it as one so they'll be allowed to choose only one slot:

Regarding the Delivery Cut Off section you can enable it and choose a time which after the customer chooses it will be counted as a next-day order, for instance as shown below, any order after 10 PM will be treated as next-day delivery. You can also choose this from the Day Index field as 0 means today 1 means next day, and so on:

Afterward, you can set your delivery slots by referring to the Delivery Slots section as shown below:

You can choose any day from the right corner and click Add New Slot and choose the time frame and then click on Save as follows:

This is how it will look like on the checkout page:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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