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Automatic Related Products App

Enhance your store and increase your sales by displaying lots of related products that change dynamically, all that is done automatically using the smart algorithms behind this app.

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How to Install the app
App setup

The following features are available in the app:

Automatic related products for all products that do not have pre-set related products
Allows you to include products from the same category, brand, or matching keywords in the related products
You can override the automated functionality on any product by setting related products on the product page.

How to Install the app:

Go to apps and services from your store dashboard.
Search for Automatic Related Products app
Access the app and install it

App Setup:

The app settings include the following options:

1- Status: Make sure that the app status is enabled

2-  Product count: Select a products count which is the number of the products that will be displayed as related products to the one that’s being displayed, Maximum value is 20

3- Select random products: You can enable or disable selecting random products to be displayed each time.

4- Select product form: You can select a form, which will be used to define the related products according to (product categories, brands, or product tags) 

You can select all or some of these options based on your preferences. Once done, click on the Save button.

Now when a customer is on any product page, they will be able to see other products related to the displayed one based on the choices that we have selected through the application.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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