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WideBot App

Build your chatbot from scratch or use a template. WideBot's user-friendly interface makes building a bot so easy. Zero coding skills are required.

In this article we will let you know how to: 

Install the app
Create a bot
Integrate the chatbot

Having a chatbot on your website helps you to: 

Improve your customer service quality
Provide users a personalized experience
Improve brand awareness
Enhance user experience
Helps you target your audience better
Install the app:

After accessing the "Apps & Services" tab, we will search for the app and then open its page to install it as follows:

Create a bot:

After creating a WideBot account, access their homepage:

1- To create a bot, click on that button.

2- If you created a bot already, you can click on that button to edit the bot's settings.

While creating the bot, please make sure to select ExpandCart template:

Integrate the chatbot:

We will refer to the Playground tab in the bot's settings and set the attributes such as the username/password that we can find on the app's settings in ExpandCart:

As well as the store URL link, store name, and the bot name.

Once you open the bot's settings click on the WebChat button, add your store's URL link, then click on Update Script:

After following the previous steps, the script will appear so we can copy it and add it to the app's settings after enabling its status as follows:

We will set the success flow “successflow” and the failure flow name: “failedflow”, after setting up the app successfully, the ChatBot icon will appear as follows:

You can add scenarios and flows as well as connecting the bot to your Facebook page, all of that can be done through WideBot's website.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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