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WhatsApp integration (Deprecated Version)

The WhatsApp Notifications Application integrates the store to the WhatsApp business API interface, you can send customers messages through your WhatsApp business number and receive ones as an admin, as well as display a WhatsApp icon for customers to contact you in no time. 

For the new and current version, please check this page

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Setting the notifications
WhatsApp chat

Application’s Features:

Sending notification to the new customer for the new account’s registration and order status.
Receiving notifications as a store admin if a customer registered an account, a new order was placed, or an order's status was changed. 
Showing a WhatsApp icon so customers can contact you via WhatsApp with one click through your store as well as checking the latest messages on your store's dashboard.

Firstly, we will go to the WhatsApp application to install it by accessing your store dashboard and opening the "Apps & Services":

To integrate WhatsApp, we will click on the "Setup" button as shown in the above screenshot. Then, we will click on the connect button shown in the following screenshot:

You will be requested to sign in with your Facebook account:

Once you sign in, you will be redirected to this page:

As stated in the pop-up, you will need a Facebook and Whatsapp Business Account, if you already have a Facebook and WhatsApp Business account, you will have the option to connect it directly, if not, you will be redirected to this step to create a one:

You will be guided to create a business account, you will be asked to provide your store information, once you're finished you will be forwarded to the next step which is creating a WhatsApp business profile:

Finally, you will need to verify your WhatApp number, which has to be a new number that was never associated with any WhatsApp account before, and if it's being used as presonal number, just make sure to delete the WhatsApp account first. Once you verify it and it's integrated with your store, it can't be used with any other account later on:

Once you verify the WhatsApp number, the following message will appear to you:

Meanwhile, if you just created the Facebook Business account, please make sure to access it and upload there the required documents (Documents Facebook requires to verify your business) so Facebook can accept your request:

1- Access the Security page through the settings and click Start verification:

2- Enter your business details and then confirm your business details by uploading the required documents:

3-Choose to receive a verification code on your business phone number via a text message or phone, or via email or you may verify by your domain if you prefer that:

4- Click Submit after the verification and wait. You can review the status of verification from the same page or by reviewing the WhatsApp application on ExpandCart, as if the integration is approved, this means that the verification of your business has been completed successfully

Once we review the information from our end and approve the request, the message will be changed to the following one:

Until WhatsApp approve the request from their end, you can send test messages to other WhatsApp numbers to test it, once the request is approved, the WhatsApp business account will be connected to your store and fully verified successfully:

Congratulations! Now you can use the WhatsApp notifications & Chat features!

Setting the notifications:

Phone country keys: This field you can fill if you want to specify the numbers you want the message to be sent to by typing the very first numbers, for multiple numbers, there must be a comma to separate them. Example: 00336,+336

Number Rewriting: Make a replacement for the phone number before sending WhatsApp. Rewriting is applied only after filtering rules are applied, such as replace + with 00 and so on.

Activation Code Settings: Through this field, you can adjust the Activation Code length and type.

Customer notifications:

Registration notifications: you can enable it then type a template in each language activated in the store, you can use the shortcodes below each template, you have to use {activationToken} in the activation message template:

Confirmation messages: To confirm with your customers their phone numbers when placing an order you have the following options:

1- To confirm the phone number on the customer's first order.

2- To confirm the phone number with the customer on every new order.

3- To set the maximum trials the customer can request the confirmation message to be resent to him

4- To set the confirmation template in every language activated on the store, you can use the short-codes indicated below the field, you have to use the {confirm_code} one.

New order notification: To Notify customers when placing a new order:

If enabled, you can type the message you want the customers to receive when placing an order, you may use the box on the right, to type coupon codes that if the customer used the confirmation message won't be sent to his/her phone number.

Update order status notification:  You can click the following button to add a message template to be sent in case the order's status changes to a specific status, you can add one for every status by clicking on the same button:

In addition to the variables listed above below each field, four extra variables can be used here: {order_id} , {order_date}, {comment} which is the comment you write when you add history. An empty text box will use the default template:

Store owner/Admin notifications:

Registration notification: when a customer registers an account you will receive a WhatsApp message, you can enable the switch and adjust the template using the shortcodes shown below the fields:

New order notification: Get a WhatsApp message (As an Admin) whenever a customer places a new order, you can use the box on the right to add numbers to receive the notification with you:

Update order status notification: by enabling this, the store owner (Admin) will receive a message when the order status is updated, In addition to the variables listed above, Four other variables can be used here: {order_id}, {order_date}, {comment} which is the comment you write when you add history.

You can add a template for every status, the empty text box will use the default template, once you're done setting the notifications, please make sure to click on the "Save" Button"

Template Messages: You can click on that button to check the approved templates.

WhatsApp chat:

After integrating WhatsApp successfully following the integration process mentioned above, you can now add the WhatsApp chat function to your store:

After accessing the WhatsApp Chat settings, we will make sure to enable it and select if we want it to be displayed to all customers or a specific group:

Whenever you want to check your WhatsApp chat messages you can click on the following button:

Afterward, your WhatsApp messages will be accessible through your store to communicate with your customers and address their questions and requests:

Alternatively, the WhatsApp chat can be accessed through the dashboard showing the latest messages:

The WhatsApp icon will look like that on the storefront, they can click on it and chat with you instantly:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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