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تطبيق جوجل ReCAPTCHA

This app allows you to enable Google reCAPTCHA to secure your online store, by enabling this app you will be able to Activate Google reCAPTCHA on these pages:

Client Login Pages.
Client Registration Pages.
Contact Us Page.
Contact Seller Form (In case of activating Multiseller app).
Control Panel Login Page for admins.
Secure your store now with this app.

To be able to use this app, you will need to go to then click on get started:

Specify the country, then agree to the terms of the service, then click on agree and continue:

Now, go to You will be directed to the following page. 

In the label field, type in your store address.

Choose the reCaptcha type ( V3 or V2)

Type in your domain name two times as shown below, then accept the ReCAPTCHA terms and services, then click on the Submit button.

You will be directed to the following page, this is the needed information to activate the reCaptcha app.

To activate the app, go to apps and services from your store dashboard. Search for the Google ReCAPTCHA app, then install it:

You will be redirected to the app settings, make sure that the status is enabled and Insert the Google ReCAPTCHA site key and security key the enable the pages where you wish the google ReCaptcha icon to be displayed then click on the Save button:

The ReCaptcha button will be reflected as shown below, so customers would have to take the verification step first for more security:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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