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The products and categories settings and display for Merchants

Adding products 

You can control the properties of adding products through the settings then General

1-Allow inactive sellers to list products: This option allows the seller to list his products before his account is approved by the store manager, and the products are activated once the seller is approved and his account is activated.

2-Disable product after quantity depletes: The product will be disabled when its quantity reaches 0

3-Allow re-listing disabled products: Sellers will be able to re-list products that have been disabled, this feature is useful if you use the feature of making products available for a certain period or quantity with the feature of listing fees.

4- Product validation: You can choose automatic product approval or manual approval by the store manager after the seller has added it

The seller can add products after signing in to his/her account from "Create a new product"


To view all the products in the store, whether by sellers or by the store manager

product form 

You can control the products' properties from settings then product form

first: products' options

1- Allow free products: Through this option, the seller can be allowed to add free products.

2- Allow quantity discounts: Through this option, the seller can be allowed to add discounts on the products

3- Allow multiple categories: This option allows sellers to add products to multiple categories

4- Bulk disallow categories: To prevent the seller from adding products in the specific categories on the store.

5- Enable shipping: to activate or disable the product shipping feature when added by the seller, and this feature affects the appearance of shipping methods in the checkout page. If it is selected according to the seller's choice, the seller will have to choose whether the product is shipable or not when adding it.

6- Enable Quantities: To allow the seller to specify the quantity of the product on the product page.

7- Enable Min Quantities: Allows the seller to specify a minimum quantity for the product when purchasing it.

8- Mail buyer information: To activate or disable sending an alert message to the seller when purchasing one of his products.

9- Make EN optional: to make entering the name and description of the product in English not obligatory for the seller while keeping it enabled in the store

second: products limits

1- Minimum and maximum product price: To add the minimum and maximum product price, the number zero means unlimited.

2- Product image limits: to add the minimum and maximum number of product images, the number zero means unlimited.

3- Product download limits: To add the minimum and maximum number of times to download the product if the product is a download file, the number zero means unlimited.

third: seller's new product listing page fields

1- Disallowed categories: to specify certain categories, whether main or sub-sections, to prevent the seller from adding products to them 

2- Include fields for products: to activate additional fields on the seller's new product listing page. You can add fields: Model, SKU, Cost price.

3- Required fields: to specify the fields that were added in the previous option as mandatory fields that the seller must fill in when adding a new product.

4- Allowed image extensions: to specify the allowed product image extensions such as: png, jpg, jpeg

5- Allowed download extensions: to specify the allowed file extensions for downloading such as: zip, rar, pdf

6-Product details file extension: product details file allowed extension

7- Allow Download: Enables or disables allowing sellers to add download files attached to the product.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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