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The Gift Vouchers

A Gift Voucher/Card is like a discount coupon with a fixed amount you can send your customers to use while placing the order as a payment method, you can sell your customers gift vouchers so they give them to their friends and family via E-Mail. In ExpandCart, you have the option to enable and create Gift vouchers as well as customize the E-Mail's theme it will be sent in. 

Create Gift Voucher
Customize Gift Voucher E-Mail Theme
Customer's interface

Create Gift Voucher:

To create a gift voucher, you can go to the Marketing then choose Gift Vouchers and you will have the following option to create it:

As shown in the next screenshot, you will have the following fields to fill in:

Once you click on the save button, the Gift Voucher will be added and can be used, if the customer complained that it wasn't sent, you can provide the customer with the code directly, or send an email to the one who should receive it through the campaign tab:

You need to set up a mail server to be able to send E-Mails from your store, please check this article for more details.

Customize Gift Voucher E-Mail Theme:

While creating a voucher you can notice that there's a field to select a theme, you can create as many themes as you want referring to this part of the gift vouchers page:

Then upload the picture of the theme and set a name for the theme in each language activated on your store:

Customer's interface:

Once the customer has the code of the gift voucher can use it and apply it to order, to make the option available for your customers on the checkout page, please check this article. If it's enabled, It will be shown on the checkout page as follows:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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