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Buy X Get Y

You can create a gift system for your customers by creating a discount coupon type: Buy X Get Y,

It enables you to give customer a specific gift when he purchase a number of items or a specific item.

After going to Marketing then Discount coupons click on create a new coupon and from coupon type choose; Buy X Get Y.

It automatically opens a new table where you can determine what will the customer get when he buys what, It's divided into customer buy and customer get.

In this article

Buy X setting

Get Y setting

Use cases

1-Customer Buy:

1-Minimum quantity of items: to determine how many items the customer needs to buy in order to get his gift (ex. customer buys 2 items gets the 3rd free).

2-Minimum purchase amount: alternative to giving a gift after buying a number of items, this option let you determine the total value of the order which gets your customer the gift (ex. customer buys order with a total value of 500 USD and gets a gift)

3-Quantity or Amount: determine the minimum quantity or minimum value (based on what you chose from 1 and 2) which the customer needs to buy in order to get his gift.

4-Item from: Choose the category, brand, or product that the customer buys in order to get the gift, you can choose "all products" and the gift will depend only on the quantity or amount (Ex. customer buy 2 items from the fashion category and gets the gift or customer buys 2 of any products (all products option) and gets the gift).

2-Customer get:

In this part, you determine what the customer gets after fulfilling the conditions you choose in the "customer buy" part.

1-Quantity: the amount of items customer will get as a gift or get a discount on.

2-Item from: where the gift or discounted item be from ( you can choose a specific category, brand, product or it can be any product by choosing all products)

3- Discount value: determine wether it will be a totally free gift by choosing free or it will be a discounted item and add the discount percentage.

Use Cases:

Buy 2 items from category fashion and get the 3rd for free:

2-Buy items with a value of 1000 USD and get 1 item with a 50% discount

After Checking shows a notice on the storefront (in the main coupon setting) about the discount and where it is applicable

A notice will be shown on the storefront as the below image will. 

You Can refer to the discount coupon general setting article to set up the coupon usability and limits

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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