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Store Affiliates Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

In this article, we will guide you on:

- How to enable the store affiliates marketing

- How to manage it

- The affiliates' perspective

With affiliate marketing, you increase your reach faster and more consistently, and distribute your message to the widest possible audience on the Internet. Plus, your business only pays affiliates after the sale takes place. By doing so the affiliates will use their influence to promote your products on their own sites and social media channels, leveraging their huge audiences to your advantage. 

How to enable the store affiliates marketing:

Firstly, we will need to install its app first through the Apps & Services:

Then, make sure to enable its status before clicking on the Save button:

How to manage it:

Now you can access the affiliates page to add ones from your end (We will explain later on this article how you can let customers register normally from their end) or change the data of the registered affiliates through the Marketing sections as follows:

When adding an affiliate from your end, you will add the affiliate information such as the address, as well as the payment details:

The payment method can be PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Cheque. Kindly be informed that the tracking code will be generated automatically, you can adjust it but avoid using special characters. As you can notice from the previous screenshot you can set the commission percentage for each affiliate.

Now the added affiliate will be displayed on the affiliates page, whenever you want to approve it, just select it and refer to the Approve button:

You can click on any affiliate name and edit its data or even add transactions to him/her easily, and you can disable his/her account with one click too:

The affiliate account is not connected with the affiliate's customer account if he/she has one on your store. Affiliates can access their account affiliate account by adding /index.php?route=affiliate/account to your store domain:

Preferably, add the affiliate link of your store's homepage so affiliates can register and sign in easily, you can do so by accessing the template editor of your store.

The affiliates' perspective:

Affiliates can register an account from their end by accessing the same URL link:

Then they will be asked to fill in their personal information such as the address, then they will select their preferred payment method, afterward, you will be able to check them from your store's dashboard, set the commission you agreed on, and make sure to enable and approve their account. Affiliates will be notified by email once their account has been activated by the store owner (Approved). You can provide them with their tracking code, or they can check it through their affiliate account from this button:

As you can notice from the above screenshot, affiliates can check their transactions history as well as the orders that were placed from their end, now, affiliates need to have URL links with their custom affiliate tracking code so the system can recognize the orders placed because of them. Affiliates can generate a link for each product from the "Custom Affiliate Tracking Code" button on their affiliate account but this has some limitations, the best thing affiliate can do is to provide the following part: (&tracking=The affiliate tracking code) to any product URL link as follows:

When a customer purchases an item through an affiliate URL link, you will notice a commission part in the order details:

By clicking on "Add Commission" it will be added to the affiliate account and will be able to check it from their end.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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