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How to Integrate my store with Google Merchant

By Integrating your store with Google Merchant, you will be able to display your products and improve their visibility results on the Google search engine. You can also use Google ads professionally and effectively.

In this article:

- What is Google Merchant?

- How to create an account with Google Merchant?

- How to link my store and products with my account on Google Merchant?

- How to link my Google Merchant account with my Google Ads account?

- Why should I create an account with Google Merchant?

What is Google Merchant?

Google Merchant improves your store and product information appearance availability to shoppers on Google. This means everything about your store and products is available to customers when they search for it on one of Google's search engines.

This helps your products to be visible to hundreds of millions of people who search and shop on Google on a daily basis.

How to create an account with Google Merchant?

First, go to

Fill in the required information (Business name, Business country, Country code)

Now, you can specify where you want your customers to checkout to complete the purchasing process.

On the right, is how your store will be displayed to your customers when they search for your store or products on google.

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, click on (Create Account) to proceed.

Now you have an account with Google Merchant.

Click on (Continue)

How to link my store and products with my account on Google Merchant?

When you go to the (Free Listing) section from settings, you can set up the tax and shipping settings if you wish.

You can click on (Provide your website URL)

You will be directed to the following section.

Add your website address, then click on the Save button.

You will be asked to verify and claim your website information.

There are 3 ways to verify your website.

Choose (I have access to my server)

Then (ِAdd an HTML to my homepage)

You will be given the verification link. Copy this link.

Then go to the settings section from your store dashboard, then go to (Custom Codes)

Paste the verification code in the header section.

Go back to Google settings, then click on (Verify URL)

The following confirmation message will be displayed.

Click on (Claim URL) to complete the Integration process.

Now you can add your store products to your Google Merchant account.

You can do so by going to (Products)

Products can be uploaded individually by clicking on (add product) or as multiple by clicking on (Create Product Feed)

Choose the Country and the Language, select the destination, then click on (Continue).

Choose how to set up your feed and connect your data to the Merchant Center.

Schedule Fetch is the best method to do so.

Now you will be asked to insert the file link.

You can get the products file link by going to settings from your store dashboard, then Integrations.

Go to (Google shopping feed), then click here for the link to be displayed.

Copy the link, then paste it in its required field.

How to link my Google Merchant account with my Google Ads account?

From your google merchant account, go to settings, then linked accounts.

Link your google ads account by clicking on the (link) button.

Go to your google ads account settings to confirm the linking process.

Click on the notifications icon and the linking request will be displayed as follows, then click on the (view button)

Then click on (View details)

Click on (Approve) to confirm the linking process.

When going back to the (Linked accounts) page, reload the page, you will see that google ads account has been linked successfully.

When making marketing campaigns, the products that you have uploaded to google merchant will be used and customers will be directed to your store to complete their purchasing process.

Why should I create an account with Google Merchant?

When you carry out a marketing campaign through the Google Ads service, the products are displayed as follows. which is a less effective presentation method.

However, when displaying products through Google Merchant, the products are displayed in the following way, which is the most effective way, as it gives customers the most appropriate appearance form to display the products as it shows all the information related to the product such as pictures, price, and reviews which help encouraging customers to click on the advertisement and access your site to complete the purchase.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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