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Discount Coupons

Discounts whether it is coupons or automatic are a very powerful marketing tool, ExpandCart Provides you with the tool to create different types of discounts. With this tool, you can make the discount general and eligible for everyone following its rules or you can make it with a code the customers need to type while checking out. 

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General settings
Fixed amount/Percentage
Buy X get Y
Free shipping

Firstly, go to Marketing then Discount coupons, then click on Create a new coupon:

1- Discount Code: If you want the coupon to be used only in case the customer followed its rules and typed its code in the coupon code section.

2- Automatic Discount: The coupon/discount will be applicable for any customer who follows the discount's rules without the need of typing a coupon code while checking out.

General settings:

Both types "Discount Code" and "Automatic Discount" have the same settings, except the "Discount Code" type has an extra field for typing the coupon's code:

1- The coupon's commercial name (There will be a field below it if you selected the discount code type)

2- Enabling the discount status.

3- Discount Type:

Fixed amount/Percentage
Buy X get Y
Free shipping

4- Send the coupon/discount in a mobile notification once a new customer signs up if you have an app for your store, but make sure that Firebase is activated so this works.

5- Choose the type of customers that can get benefited from the discount:

Everyone (logged in users and guest): Coupon can be used by any customer
Logged In Users: Coupon can be used only by registered and logged in customers
Specific groups of customers: Coupons can be used by the specific group you choose from the menu ( EX. wholesale group, retail).
Specific customer: Coupons can only be used by the customer or customers you choose.

6- To set a usage limit, you can set up the three limits.

Minimum/Maximum to apply: To determine the minimum and maximum amount of order value for a coupon to apply.
Number limit of usage: to determine the number of times coupon can be used by all customers ( ex. coupon will be valid for the first 100 customers to use it).
Limit to one use per customer: to determine how many times can one customer use the coupon.

7- To select which items you want the coupon/discount to be applicable for, you can choose: All products, Specific category, brand, or specific product/products.

8- To exclude the items you don't want the coupon/discount to be applied on, in case you choose all products, specific categories, or specific brands.

You can set the date the discount will be working within, once you click on the save button, you can get back to the discount page and change its settings again as well as checking the usage as follows:

When clicking on the Usage button, a list of the customers who used the coupon will be displayed:

When accessing the coupons page, you will be able to check all of your store's coupons and edit or delete any one of them with one click:

Depending on the discount type, you can check the following box so the discount appears as a notification on the storefront:

Checking this box shows a notice on store about the discount and where it is applicable as shown in the image below:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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