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How do I add my store to Google Search Console?

It is the process of verifying ownership of the website or application that you claim to own. We need to make sure that you own the website or app because you have access to its Google search data.

First, please go to the following link:

And click on "Start Now" as shown in the following image:

After that, you will be directed to log in to your Google account

After logging in to your Google account, you will be transferred to the page to start verifying your domain ownership. You will see two options:

Domain: This is to fully verify ownership of all addresses and subdomains of your domain.

URL Prefix: This is to verify ownership on specific URLs that are entered only.

Please choose the domain in order to proceed with the verification of ownership on any subdomain in the future without the need to enter it manually later.

When you click Continue, a pop-up window will appear with the TXT record that must be added in the DNS settings of your store's domain so that you can prove its ownership. Please copy the record as shown in the following image:

Or on your account with your domain service provider if the domain was reserved by another service provider.

After logging in to your account with ExpandCart, please click on "Domains" as shown in the following image:

You will be transferred to the domain page reserved by you at ExpandCart. Please choose the domain that you want to link with your Zoho account to create the official email and click on the key icon next to its name:

When entering the domain settings, please select "DNS Management":

Note: If this option does not appear to you, please contact a representative of our support department through the following e-mail: or open a support ticket and request the activation of "DNS Management" in the domain settings, and this will be implemented for you.

When you enter the DNS settings, you will be able to add the record that you were informed of. Please enter the record, then click on "Save Change".

After that, please return to the verification wizard again with Google and click on Confirm as shown in the following image:

Once the domain ownership is verified, the following pop-up window will appear, please click on “Go to the site”:

Thus, your ownership of the domain has been properly proven, and you will be transferred to the “Google Search Console” page of your domain to follow up on the performance of your site in the search engines and improve its appearance on the first pages.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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