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The successful management of an eCommerce store requires detailed reports through which you can track the actions of customers, know their locations and demographics, and get closer to understanding their purchasing behavior – what they prefer or what content disturbs them – and other reports that enable you to dig deep into your customers’ behavior and from where visitors come to your website.

This is all provided by the Google Analytics tool, by linking your account on this tool to the website of your online store, after that you will get monthly and live reports on every movement within the store and the behavior of visitors and customers. Therefore, the ExpandCart platform was keen to offer its users integration with Google Analytics through the dashboard of their online store. Throughout this article, you will learn the steps you need in order to link your online store to Google Analytics:

Create a Google Analytics account
Integrate Google Analytics with your store
Get reports

Create a Google Analytics account:

1- Access this page and sign in with your Gmail account:

2- Setup the account and provide your store information:

3- You will be redirected to the Google Analytics dashboard, in this step, refer to Data Stream and choose your store platform, in this case, it will be web:![](

4-Enable the "Enhanced Measurement" toggle and provide your store URL link as well as the store name, then click on "Create Stream" as follows:

Integrate Google Analytics with your store:

To integrate Google Analytics with your store to get the analytics and statistics you want, please go to the Data Streams through the Google Analytics admin dashboard to copy the following measurement ID:

After copying the measurement ID, go to your store's dashboard to open the Integrations page through the Marketing section as follows:

After pasting the measurement ID, make sure to enable the status, choose the activity that you want to track within your store whether the purchase, checkout, adding to the basket, and other activities that customers perform on your online store. Accordingly, tracking will be done through the tracking code of your Google Analytics account giving you detailed reports on the behavior of your customers inside your website. Finally, make sure to click on the Save button and wait for 30 minutes until it's fully integrated.

Get reports:

To check your store reports, please refer to this button in the dashboard:

You can check your store sessions and traffic in realtime:

And of course, you have the rest of the store's analytics on the report page:

For more information regarding the reports, please check this page.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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