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Terminology Editor App

Change terminologies to suit your target audience and maximize customer engagement. This app allows you to change terminologies that appear in your store to suit your business nature and your target audience. 

Firstly, we will need to install the app first by accessing the Apps & Services page through the dashboard and searching for the app in order to open it and install it as follows:

Once we install the app, we will be able to change each terminology on our store by typing the one we want instead of the default one that already appears to your customers in each language activated in your store:

For instance, if the customer left a field empty the following message will appear "Call for Quote" we can change it by typing the new phrase/terminology in its field and click on the "Save" button and it will be shown to your customers instead: 

If we want to leave a terminology as it was, we will leave its field empty.

One of the things we can change through this app as well is the success message that appears to customers once the order is placed successfully, to change it we will refer to the below box:

While filling it you can use shortcodes such as {order_number} and {order_total} and the customer's order number/total will appear in the success message content.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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