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Store Warehouses App

Manage your warehouses directly from inside your store backend. Handling shipments separately from each warehouse and defining a certain shipping rate for the warehouse.

In this article we will let you know how to:

Set up the app settings
Edit the warehouses' list
Set up the warehouse shipping method settings

The following features are available in the app:

Define multiple different warehouses for your store.
Specify product availability in each warehouse.
Create and track separate shipments for each warehouse.
Define a different shipping rate for each warehouse.
The system automatically picks the nearest warehouse to ship from, saving time and cost.

The app's settings:

The app settings contain:

Status: Make sure the app's status is enabled.

Check product quantity: When this option is enabled, the product quantity is checked in warehouse stock and the purchase is not made if the quantity is not available.

Invoice display warehouses: You can enable this option to show the name of the store warehouse in the invoice.

Quantity subtracts status: The quantities are deducted from stores when the order status matches the one specified here.


The warehouses' list:

By default, there is an added warehouse, which you can delete after adding your warehouse list or editing it by clicking on the three dots on the left. Click on the (Add warehouse) button to add a new warehouse:

You will be directed to the following page, which is the warehouse settings page. Make sure that the status is enabled. Assign a seller responsible for this warehouse (If Applicable). You can now set the weight price for each geo zone if the order is shipped from this particular warehouse. You can learn how to insert this data correctly through this article. You can now set the Delivery duration: for each geo zone, as an example: delivery duration for the greater Cairo geo zone takes (3-6) days. Once you’re done with all the needed inputs, click on the Save button.

Once you have clicked on the save button, a new section will appear next to the warehouse settings, which is the (Assign Product) section. Through which you can customize products with specific quantities for each warehouse. For example: If we want to allocate a specific product to this warehouse. Like (Modern T-shirt) We will enable the status of this product in this warehouse, then we insert the available quantity of this product and so on. You can use the filter section to search for a specific product by typing the product name, model, price, or status and then click on the filter button. You can also customize all the products on your store by pressing the Customize Store Products button. Click on the Save button to save your inputs.

You can add more warehouses and assign products and their available quantities by following the above steps.

Activating warehouse shipping as a shipping method

Now that we have added the warehouses and assigned the products and quantities to each of them, it is time to activate this option as a shipping method.

Go to Settings, then Shipping:

Choose warehouse shipping:

Install it once you have set up its settings

Set up the warehouse shipping method settings:

Status: make sure that the status is enabled

Hide from shipping methods: Please leave this option disabled in case you want it to be displayed in the list of shipping methods on the checkout page.

Shipping name Type: You can choose one of three options, either to display a single Title, combined the names of the warehouses or combined the names of the warehouses with the shipping price from each warehouse.

The value of the single shipping name: In case you do not want to show the name of the warehouse, you can choose a single shipping title as the type of shipping name and then specify the name of the shipping method that will appear to the customers. Make sure to enter the name of the shipping method in both Arabic and English.

Cost calculation type: If the customer orders different products, and the products will be shipped from several warehouses, you can specify whether you want the total shipping cost to be applied from each warehouse, or the lowest value for shipping from stores with a fixed value-added, or that The largest value is applied to shipping from the warehouse with a fixed value-added.

Adding a fixed value, specify the fixed value that will be added automatically by choosing the lowest or largest cost application when calculating the cost.

Click on the (Install App) button when you are done adjusting the settings:

When the customer orders one of the products in the warehouse, he will be able to know the shipping cost from the warehouse, and the time it takes to ship the order. The quantity will be deducted from the warehouse automatically when the order status is updated to match the one that we have defined in the app settings.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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