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Store Reviews App

Ratings and customer reviews have become an integrated part of the purchasing process. Reviews are one of the most important factors affecting purchasing decisions. Customers always search for reviews and they'll go to third-party resources if the seller doesn’t make that information available. Now with this app, you can easily showcase your customer reviews to your storefront and show how perfect is your store is to ultimately maximize your store sales. 

Firstly, to install the app we will refer to the "Apps & Services" tab in the dashboard to find the app and open its page to install it as follows:

Once you install the app, enable its status to work, if you want to allow guests to rate the store you can enable the switch below:

Customers' ratings/reviews will be shown on the same page, you can click on the customer name to open the customer's account, and it will look like that on the storefront:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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