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Speakol App: Smart advertising platform

Speakol is a native advertising and content recommendation platform aiming to revolutionize the online advertising industry. Speakol enables brands to display their ad campaigns to users when they are more likely to engage with their content. Targeting the audience when they are most receptive increases conversion rates and maximizes ROI.

In this article, we will guide you on how to:

Install the app and create an account
Add funds 
Create a campaign and add your store's URL link
Manage your Speakol account


Highest traffic in the GCC and MENA region
User-friendly Interface
Budget Optimization
Top-notch targeting options (Location [country and city], Device, OS, Publishers, ISP, Keywords for Inline Ads)
Outstanding Quality Leads
E-wallet system
Pixel code/ S2S tracking systems to track leads and assess campaign performance.  

Install the app and create an account:

When accessing the app's page and installing it through the "Apps & Services", we will click on the "Register Now" button as follows:

Afterward, you will be redirected to this page to create an account on Speakol:

Once you click on "TRY IT NOW" you will be redirected to the registration form to fill it:

You will receive an email to activate the account, after clicking on the activation link sent in the email to activate the account, please sign in using your Speakol's credentials.

Add funds:

1- Through Speakol's dashboard, click on the "Add Fund" button to verify the address and add funds to your wallet:

2- Through the fund page, you can add balance to your Speakol's wallet to fund your future campaigns using a credit card as well as checking the balance:

Create a campaign and add your store's URL link:

1- To check your campaigns and create a one, we will refer to the campaigns section and then click on "Create Campaign" as follows:

2- Select your campaign objective or goal then the type of the campaign:

3- Specify the Start & End Date and provide the campaign details:

4- Each set is unique. You can customize each ad set by adjusting the language, location, audience, ISP, and publishers, once setting the sets you want click on "Next":

5- Set the bidding and the budget of each Ad Set:

6- Customize your ad, you can have more than an ad in one Ad Set, in the Landing Page URL put the URL link of your store's page you want the customers to get redirected to, you can Preview the Ad as well before clicking on the "Launch" button:

7- You have successfully created your campaign. Speakol's team will review it, and notify you within the next 2 working days, and you will have the option to adjust the track conversions:

Manage your Speakol account:

Dashboard: Through it, you can create a campaign directly, add funds, and check the statistics and analysis of your ads and campaign:

Conversions: To track actions and assess your campaign's performance, copy and paste this code in the header script on your store.

Afterward, you can create a conversion by clicking on "Create Conversion" for each campaign and select the event of the conversion. 

Targeting: You can set your audiences and publishers through the Targeting section to save time when creating a campaign or adding an Ad set to it:

Finally, the Reports: where you can check and view customers' visits and behavior.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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