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Social Sliders App

Display your social media links and feeds in a nice and attractive way on the right or left sides of your store.

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Installation guide 
App's settings
Installation guide:

1- Search for "Social Sliders" in the "Apps & Services" page you can access from the dashboard:

2-Click on "Install" once you open the app's page:

You will be redirected to the app's settings once you install it.

App's settings:

Enable the platforms you want to be displayed and fill its ID/URL link in its field as follow:

After scrolling down you will find these options:

Top Position in Pixels: Increase the number if you want to lower it.

Display Social Slides On: Whether you want it to be displayed on the right or the left.

Enable on mobile view: refer to this switch to enable or disable the sliders for Mobile users.

Add Module: Add the pages you want the sliders to be available on>

The social sliders look like that from the customers' end:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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