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Reach your clients faster using SMS on registration or order status change, or use SMS for marketing. This app integrates with almost all SMS gateways giving you the freedom to register with any provider and still send your SMS promotions. 

In this article we will let you know how to:

Install the app
Set the app up
Set up the alerts


Works with almost all SMS providers
Use this app to confirm user phone number while ordering
Send marketing SMS to all customers, a group of customers, or newsletter subscribers
Control SMS templates to be sent on the order confirmation, order status change, or registration
Control SMS templates to be sent for store admins on the same events
Advanced options to filter numbers to send only to valid numbers saving you wasted costs

Simply, you can send SMS messages to your customers by installing the app and subscribing to any service provider.

We support many SMS service providers in all countries, such as:
SMS Gateway
Install the app:

We will search for the app in the "Apps & Services" tab then open the app's page as follows:

Once we install the app we will be redirected to the app's settings.

Set the app up:

-Gateway Setup: Please contact the support center team to adjust the Gateway setup for you.

-SMS Filtering:

1-This field you can fill it if you want to specify the numbers you want the SMS to be sent to by typing the very first numbers, for multiple numbers, there must be a comma to separate them. Example: 00336,+336

2-This field to specify the numbers by their size or length.

-Activation Code Settings: Through this field, you can adjust the Activation Code length and type.

Set up the alerts:

-Customer Alerts:

If you want to notify customer upon registration, you can enable this switch and type the message of each customer registration SMS message and the activation SMS message templates using the short-codes specified below each field:

To confirm with your customers their phone numbers when placing an order you have the following options:

1- To confirm the phone number on the customer's first order.

2- To confirm the phone number with the customer on every new order.

3- To set the maximum trials the customer can request the confirmation SMS to be resent to him

4- To set the confirmation template, you can use the short-codes indicated below the field, you have to use the {confirm_code} one.

Notify customers when placing a new order:

If enabled, you can type the message you want the customers to receive when placing an order, you may use the box on the right, to type coupon codes that if the customer used the confirmation SMS message won't be sent to his/her phone number.

-Seller Alerts:

Notify the seller if the admin changed his/her status:

Once the admin changes the seller status, an SMS message will be sent to the seller, you can click on the "Add New Fields" button to type a template for each status, if it's not written a default message will be sent instead.

-Admin Alerts:

You can enable both switches to receive SMS messages when a customer registers an account and adjusting the template that will be sent to you (As an Admin) as well as enabling the second switch to receive an SMS each time a customer places an order you can add phone numbers to receive the SMS messages when a customer places a new order:

The last section for admin alerts to adjust the SMS messages that you (Admin) want to receive if the order status was changed:

You can adjust a template for each status, if you didn't add a new field for status, the default message will be sent instead of the order status changed to that status.

Finally, if you want to send a customized SMS from your store to your customers, you can do so by referring to the Campaigns page located on the Marketing section:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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