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Smartlook Integration App

Integrate with Smartlook, analyze user behavior in ways that were never possible before. You will be able to know each move the customer made since the customer's session will be recorded to you so you can check it whenever you want.

In this article we will let you know how to:

Create an account and Install the app
Check the analysis/recordings
Create an account and install the app:

Firstly, we will access this page in order to create an account, you can sign up using your Google or Facebook account directly:

Once you create the account, please provide Smartlook the required info and the account will be created successfully.

To install the app after creating the account, we will access the "Apps & Services" page to search for the app and install it:


To integrate your Smartlook account with your store on Expandcart, we will need the tracking code which can be found easily following the below steps:

After going to the project management, select the project you want to dedicate to your store to copy the following code:

Please just copy the following number from the code:

Once you have the tracking code, we will get back to the app's setting on Expandcart and paste the code in the following field after making sure that the app' status is enabled:

After clicking on the "Save" button the integration will be completed, through the same page we will add the pages we want Smartlook to track and record:

Check the analysis/recordings:

You can find the statistics/analysis on Smartlook's dashboard:

You can check the recordings easily by clicking on the play button shown in the following screenshot:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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