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Size Chart App

The Size chart app allows merchants to add different size charts to their products and display them on the product page. It helps your customers to select the right product size and make their purchase decision quickly with no need to contact you first inquiring about the size.

In this article, we will guide on:

Install the app
Set the app up
What will it look like on the product page?
Install the app:

To install the app, access the "Apps & Services" and search for the app to open its page and install it:

Set the app up:

Once the app is installed, you will be redirected to its settings page, make sure to enable its status first, then you can create a new size chart by clicking on the "Add New Size Chart" Button:

Type the size chart name and description in each language activated on the store, then you can set the table size (Number of cells inside the size table) by changing the numbers, you can click on each cell in the table to edit it:

Before clicking on the "Save" button you will have the option to select the items you want the chart to be displayed on and their categories as well as setting the country of the size standard (You can select more than one):

Please note that you can add an unlimited number of size charts and assign each one for a product of a specific group of products, you can open the app's page anytime and add a new chart, delete or edit an existing one:

What will it look like on the product page?

Whenever a customer checks an item you specified a size chart for it, will find the following button above the sizes of the item:

Upon clicking on it, a pop-up with the chart will appear as follows:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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