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Sales Booster App

Boost your sales and take your conversion rate to the next level, with this unique application, you can boost your store sales up to 400% !!!

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App setting
Description Layouts
How it gets reflected on the storefront

The following features are available in the app:

Get a LARGE add-to-cart button to grab attention.
Stock availability bar to increase sales urgency.
Display customer-specific evergreen countdown timer to boost sales.
Display a random number of customers who are buying this product now!
You can customize the countdown offer timer period.
You can customize the range of stock and customers buying now badges.
Add product promo video right under the add to cart button to help convince customers.
Display custom HTML and payment methods images under the add to cart button.
Display custom product description header and footer in all products, and customize per product!

App Installing:

To install the app, go-to apps, and services from your store dashboard, search for Sales Booster App and install it.

App setup

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access its settings which is divided into (Settings - Description Layouts)

Settings include:

1- Status: Make sure that status is enabled to be able to use the app

2- Disable Downtime Counter: you can disable or enable the downtime counter in the product page.

3- Force Apply for all Products: you can enable this button to apply these features on every product page.

4- Disable Product Quantity: You can disable or enable the appearance of the available quantity of the product.

5- Disable Guaranteed Safe Image: You can enable or disable the security image, which is an image that is added to gain customer confidence.

6- Add To Cart Button Size: You can choose the large size of the Add to Cart button to encourage customers to complete the purchase.

7- Disable Clients Count Of Products: You can enable the number of customers who are buying this product now to encourage other customers to complete the purchase.

8- Guaranteed Safe Image: You can choose and upload the image that will be used  as a Guaranteed Safe Image

9- Count Down Time: Specify the countdown timer

10- Restart Counter after: specify when the timer would be reset

11- Stock level value (Random) specifies the stock level that would be displayed on the product page.

12- Received pieces today (Random): the number of sales that were made during the day.

13- Video URL: add a video telling your customers about you to encourage them to complete the purchase.

14- content: Through this box, you can add a message that will be displayed to your customers to encourage them to complete the purchase.

15: Description Header Layout: You can choose a description layout from the available templates to display in the product description box

16- Description Footer Layout: Choose from the available layouts what you wish to display below the description on the product page.

In case we wanted to apply the app on some of the items and not all of them, we will disable option number 3 indicated in the previous screenshot, and enable the app for each item through the product's settings page as shown in the following screenshot:

Description Layouts:

Description layouts include 3 templates, you can choose, add or edit these templates to choose which will be applied to the product page.

How it gets reflected on the storefront:

Below is how the edits will be reflected on the product page, to encourage customers to complete the purchase.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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