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Quiz Products App

Build a group of questions and answers that will act as filters for your products, based on the customer's answers, a product or more will be shown to the customer to choose between.

Once you download the app, you will have three stages for your question, each step one question and two choices customer can choose between and a title for the step or the question in each language activated on the store, you can add an image for each choice as well:

Then you can set which item or items will appear based on the customer's answers to the three questions you set:

Once you finish please click on the "Save button" after you make sure that you added the questions and the titles in each language activated on your store:

The URL link will look like this: Your Store URL/index.php?route=module/sunglasses_quiz e.g: if your store domain or URL link is, then the quiz URL is To make it easier for the customer to find it, you can add it as a fixed link by editing the store template, or you may add it to a pop-up instead through the pop-ups app.

It will look like that from the customer's end:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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