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Product Video Link App

Do you sell educational courses or videos? This application will help you link each product to its video!


Admin can set order status in order to view video links.
The app supports any external video link.
Admin can update video links anytime.
Customers can access video links from their own accounts.

To install the app, access the apps and services tab from your store dashboard search for the Product Video Link app:

After clicking on the app, we will be able to install it by clicking on the button shown below:

After you have installed the app, you can set it up by making sure that its status is enabled, then specify the order status in which the video link will be visible to the customer, then click on the Save button:

Now, we will go to the products section. When adding a new product or editing an existed product, you will notice that a new section is added to the product page which is "External Video" Just add the product video link in the external video section, then add the rest of the product’s data (product name, description, price, and photos) then click on the Save button:

You can now click on the preview button to preview how the product is reflected in your customers' interface:

When the customers purchase the product, the video link will not be displayed to them until after you change the order status to the one that you selected to show the video in, which is (Approved) The status of the request here is "Completed", in order for the customer to access the videos, you will need first to change the status of the order to "Approved". To change it, go to the orders section, then change the status of the order to the one in which the video will appear, then click on the Save button:

Afterward, the customer will then be able to go to the videos section from his account and access the video link:

Once opening the "My Products" page in the "My Videos" section, the customer will access the video as follows:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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