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Product preparation period App

With this app, you can determine the time the product will take to reach your customers, for this application to work you must add a product option (Date or date & time type), in this article, we will let you know how to install the app and add the option properly.

Firstly, to install the app we will access the "Apps & Services" page to search for the app and open its page to install it as follows:

Afterward, we will enable the app's status and set default preparation days as shown below:

After clicking on the save button, we can access any product's page through the dashboard:

After selecting the item you want to edit, You will find you will refer to the "Options" sections and click on the "Create New Option" button:

Once you click on the "Create New Option" button, you will select the Date or the Date & Time type then set a name for the option in each language before clicking on the "Save" button:

Afterward, we can adjust the period through the product's page as well if we don't want it to be as the default one we set in the app's settings:

Finally, after saving the product settings, the item will be shown to the customer to select a date that surpasses the preparation period:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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