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Product Option SKU App

This app allows you to specify a different SKU for each product option combination. Allowing you to better manage order processing and preparation. Instead of having a single SKU for each product which is not the case in most industries, with this app, you will have the ability to override that with an SKU for every product option combination.

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Applying the app
Relational Option Mapping

Once we install the app through the "Apps & Services" tab, we will enable its status:

Applying the app:

After enabling the app, open the product's page, if the product has two options or more of the type "Select" as shown in the following screenshot the app will work properly, you can create the options and set its values easily by clicking on "Create New Option":

The Option Values SKU section will be below the options, now you can set a price, different SKU and enter the quantity beside each item as follows:

Relational Option Mapping:

This feature enables options related to another, this won't work on Radios and Images types, only works with Select type, you can determine the related ones through the mapping section which will appear once you enable the relational option and click on the "Save Button", in the upcoming example, it means if the color not available its sizes won't be available:

And the mapping means that if a particular main selector option is not available, it will necessarily mean that the other loading option that you will link is not available, and the loading option will be subsequent to the main option. This feature enables linking options to another, this won't work on Radios and Images types, only working with the Select type only.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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