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Product Designer App

Product Designer app is a tool that allows your customers to design and customize the products. Customers can use this tool to customize the product design and even adding a picture to the product and preview it while applying the customizations, it works perfectly with t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Firstly, we will access the apps & services page through the dashboard.

Then we will search for “product designer”, in order to find the app and install it as follows:

In the app settings section please make sure that the status is enabled then click on the “Save” button:

From the categories section, you will be able to add the category that will include the designable/customizable products. Click on the “Create New Category” button:

Then you will be redirected to the page shown below:

Set the category name, then add an image for this category, make sure that the status is Enabled, then click on the “Save” button. Regarding the last section in the app which is Clipart, If the customer does not have a certain design or image to print it to the product, you can provide them with your own special designs to choose between them. Just upload your available designs so customers would be able to check and choose one of them. Click on the “Add New Clipart” button:

Then you will be redirected to the below page:

Add the category name, upload the image, and save the changes afterward as shown above. When we will get back to the products page, whether we are adding a new product or editing an existing one, a new section will be displayed which will be “product designer”.

Save the changes, then click on the preview button to review the product on the store’s front end.

This is how the product page will look like. The customer will be able to click on the Design Me button to avail of this feature.

Customers can add text, choose the font and color, write the text they wish to print on the T-shirt.

Or they can upload a picture of the design he wishes to print on the T-shirt. Customers can also choose a clipart design by clicking on the clipart option and choose one of the options that you have added in the images section of the product designer app.

The customer can then add the product to the shopping cart and proceed with the ordering process normally.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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