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The print app is the perfect choice for business owners who are talented in creating innovative designs or even those who deal with professional designers.

In this article:

How to install Printful App
How to create an account with the Printful platform
How to Integrate my store with Printful
How to add the products from my Printful account into my Store

Printful provides you with many products that you can link your designs with, such as (T-shirts, caps, mugs and so many more products), Then you can display them in your store. Printful also prints your design on the selected product, packs it and prints your store logo on the envelope, and then ships it to your customers.

How to install Printful App:

Go to the Apps&Services and search for the Printful app and install it as follows:

How to create an account with the Printful platform:

In order to be able to use the Printful app, you will need to have an account with them, you can create an account by clicking on (Register now):

You will be directed to the Printful website, to create an account, after creating the account, you will receive an email to activate the account, after the activation you will be redirected to this list and receive confirmation as follows:

Now, the next step is to create a product template, to do so, click on click on the Create a product template button shown in the previous screenshot:

After choosing a product, you will be directed to this page, from which you can upload your design and choose where you wish for it to be printed such as the front back, inside or outside label, on the left or the right sleeve. And so on. You can also choose the shirt color:

When you click on (Drop Your Design Here), you will be able to upload your design as shown in the following image

After successfully uploading the image, it will be displayed on the T-shirt, and then you can control the design location on the T-shirt accurately. You will be given some hints about the dimensions of the design used, whether it is appropriate or still needs some adjustments. Watch this video to learn more about how to configure the dimensions and sizes for your designs to be printed in the best way. Once the above is done, click on the Continue button:

Now you can review the product details after linking it with the design, Also, you can choose the desired colors. Then click on the (Save Product Template) button:

Now that you have added your products and designs, it's time to link your store with your account with Printful:

How to Integrate my store with Printful:

Go to (stores) from your Printful account:

Then choose (Manual order platform / API)

Type in your store’s name:

Then go to API section from your Printful account as shown in the following image:

Click on "Enable API Access"

This code is to be copied and then added in the designated field within the Printful App In your store:

Make sure that the Status is Enabled:

How to add the products from my Printful account into my Store:

When returning to the product template section. Select all the products that you wish to export to your store, then click on add to store option:

Now, specify the colors and sizes that you desire, then click on proceed to mockups:

Choose the mockup that will be displayed on your storefront, then click on proceed to details 

Next, you can type in the product name, then click on proceed to price:

In the last step, determine the profit margin that you desire, choose the method of calculating the profit, either with a specific price or a percentage. Printful deducts the cost of product material, printing, packaging, and shipping, and you will get the difference in price as your profit, after determining the profit margin, click the "save product" button:

A confirmation message will be displayed stating that the product is being added to your store:

When you return to the Printful application on your store, then the import section, you will be able to review the number of products in your Printful account, and you will be able to import the products to your store:

Products that have been successfully imported into your store:

You can check the imported products by going to the products section, and the products will be displayed in your dashboard as shown in the following image:

You can also click on the preview button to check how the product is displayed on your storefront:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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