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Pre-Order App

Pre-Order App is a perfect method to get more sales. Through this app, customers can pay a deposit of the value of the products and the rest on delivery.

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How to Install the app
How to set up the app
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You can set a minimum deposit for every single product
You can set a minimum deposit for the whole order

How to Install the app:

Go to the apps & services section from your store dashboard.

Search for the app.

Then access it to install it.

How to set up the app:

To be able to use the app, make sure that the app status is enabled. You can enable or disable cash on delivery and bank transfer payments. Choose the deposit status, whether minimum deposit for one product or minimum deposit for all products. When activating the minimum deposit for one product, you can specify the minimum deposit amount from the product page:

When activating minimum deposit for all products, specify the minimum deposit amount from the app settings. These amounts must be paid in order for the customer to order the products and pay the remaining amount in cash upon receipt. Make sure to save your edits.

How the app works:

When a customer is on the product page, they will be able to see the (Click to pay a deposit) button.

When they click on that button, they will be able to specify the deposit amount they wish to pay. The deposit amount should be equal to or more than the minimum deposit amount specified for the product/products.

Once the customer has added the desired products, the deposit amount will be deducted and the rest will be collected in cash upon receipt.

The customer should pay the deposit amount and the shipping fee through credit card or bank transfer for the order to be shipped to them, then they can pay the rest of the order amount in cash upon receipt.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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