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POS: Settings (General - Customer - Payment)

In this article, we will outline the POS settings and the purpose of each button located in the General - Customer - Payment tabs. To access the POS settings, click on the following button:

The General settings:

1- To enable or disable the whole POS system.

2- To show/hide the out-of-stock items on the POS user (Employee) interface.

3- To send an email to the user who made the sale with the order information.

4- In these fields, you can type the store headquarter and set the number of the popular products to be shown on the user interface. You can set on which quantity the user should receive a low stock warning.

Customer settings:

1- If enabled, whenever the user adds a new customer while creating an order the customer email will be added to your store Newsletter Emails list.

2- Set the default group and password of any new account created from the user end.

3- The default customer details in case the order was placed from the user end without selecting a customer.

4- The default customer address for the order that will be placed without selecting a customer.

Payment settings:

1- Enable the payment attributes you want to be available in the POS orders, such as the coupons, discounts (an extra discount from the user end), tax,  and the payment method like the Cash, the Cards, and customer credit (In this case, the user will have to select a customer while creating the order and the customer has to have available balance in his/her account credit on your store)

2- The name of the payment methods in each language activated on the store, and the status of the orders will be placed through the payment methods.

3- You can add a new payment method and set an order status and a name for it.

Lastly, make sure to click on the Save button once you're done.

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Updated on: 23/01/2023

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