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POS: Permission & Access

In this POS category in the help center, you can find all the articles that can help you to set up your store POS system effortlessly. In this article, we will guide you only on how to give access to the users (Employees or Cashiers) to use the POS system of your store and how to give access to admins to control and manage the POS settings.

Firstly, we will refer to the Users & Permissions page located in the store settings as follows:

To give access to an admin or a user to the frontend of one of the outlets/branches POS system, all you have to do while creating the user or editing it is to choose the outlet you want the user or the admin to access it:

Then the user regardless of its role will be able to access that outlet POS frontend using the password and username you set (You can only choose one outlet/branch to be accessed with the same credentials or user data regardless of the role). Now, what if you want to create a user that can have access and manage the POS backend? In this case, you will need to create a new role or edit an existing role and select the permissions that start with wkpos as follows while editing or creating the role:

You can give access permission only or both modifying and accessing permissions as shown in the above screenshot then click on the Save button. Afterward, while adding or editing a user, you can select that role and give access to the user on one of the outlets/branches POS frontend (User/employee end):

What if, you want to create or make a user that has access only on one of the outlets POS frontend? In this case, you can create a new role with no permissions at all as follows:

After clicking on the Save button and creating the role, now you can assign it to a new user or an existing one then choose which outlet/branch you want the user to have access to its frontend:

This user you created can only access the POS frontend page by typing the username and password you set:

Note: The POS frontend page URL link is your store URL link/wkpos as shown in the above screenshot. The user or the admin (If has permission) can have access to the POS system backend without having access to any of the outlets' POS frontend pages.

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Updated on: 23/01/2023

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