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POS: Overview

Accept payments in-store with ExpandCart POS and integrate with your online store. Across all channels, manage your entire inventory, sales, analytics, and more. All you need to have it on your store is to request it following the steps shown below or contact our support center directly:

ExpandCart POS (Point of Sale) allows you to take orders from your actual retail locations and process them. These orders will be synchronized and created on your online store directly using POS integration. Take advantage of the omnichannel integrated selling solution by combining your ExpandCart online store with ExpandCart POS to sell more easily everywhere! ExpandCart POS is a cloud-based point-of-sale system that requires no additional hardware or software. It works on any hardware, even your laptop or tablet, making it simple to set up in your physical store, and all of your data is safe in the cloud!

ExpandCart POS Features:

Multiple Store Branches

You can use the POS on any of your store branches, no matter how many they are! set an area for each branch, and products available in each branch too!

Multiple Unlimited Users

Create multiple unlimited users with different permissions to use the POS on your physical store, allowing you more control!

Barcode Scanners & Receipt Printers Integration

ExpandCart POS supports almost all barcode scanners and receipt printers, so you can use it with your existing hardware, or any hardware of your choice. You can also use it without any hardware!

Offline Mode to Keep You Going!

ExpandCart POS supports offline more too, so helps you keep going even when there is no internet connectivity, then it syncs everything when you reconnect online again. Never stop selling!

Smart Inventory Management

With the smart integration between your online store, you can manage product quantities available for each store branch and quantities available for your online store!

Add New Products Directly!

If you are in a hurry and want to add a custom item to the receipt with a custom price, you can easily add from inside the POS allowing you more flexibility in billing your customer!

Advanced Order Management, Returns, and Cart Hold

Easily manage previous orders, print their receipts, handle returns, and put the whole cart on hold to work on another one! All through ExpandCart POS.

Customer and Payment Flexibility

Accept offline payment or credit cards, accept multiple payments per order. Select an existing customer, create a new one, or create the order without a customer, a flexible POS to support your business!

Advanced Reporting

Besides your online store reporting system, you will get dedicated POS reports to help you analyze and grow your business.

Easily Add Products

Add products directly from the advanced search, the smart suggestions, or just scan its barcode! All supported.

To know more about the POS interfaces, their use-cases, POS settings, and POS permissions and access, please visit the rest of this category's articles.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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