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Popup Windows App

This app allows you to display popup windows on certain pages for certain timeframes and dates, you can attract your visitor's attention easily, you can use it for marketing purposes as well as for any updates or notices you want your customers to take a look at:

We can install it easily by referring to the dashboard and following the steps below:

Once we open the app page and install it we will be redirected to the following page so we can add a popup window:

Once the popup window is added, we can edit it or delete it referring to the two buttons below:

When clicking on the edit button we will be able to set the popup up:

1- To enable/disable the popup we will refer to that switch.

2- We can select on which page we want the popup to appear, we will have the option to select a page or make it on all pages or even specify URLs.

3- The popup impressions number.

4- Through this option, we can select which actions are needed so the popup window appears.

5- If we enabled this option we can select the hours we want the popup to appear within.

6- We can select whether want the popup to appear every time the customer visits the page "Show Always", only once per session, or even make it appears once per day or more "Show again after X days"

7- If we enabled the Date Interval, we can set the date we want the popup to appear within.

8- Through this field, we can specify the seconds we want the popup to appear after the customer visits the page, we can leave it 0 if we want the popup to appear immediately after the customer visits the page.

9- We can prevent the customer from closing the popup when clicks on the background or presses the Esc key, the customer will have to close the pop window normally through its exit button.

10- We will need to select the customer groups we want the popup to be visible to, if we want it to be visible for all customers, we will choose all of the groups, either way, we can't leave it empty, otherwise, it won't appear to any of your customers.

Finally, we can add the popup content on this section in each language activated on your store, the popup can contain any HTML content such as text, images, videos, or a combination of them.

Through the appearance section, we will be able to adjust the popup width, height, and select the animation we want. It's highly recommended to enable the "Fancybox aspect ratio" and "Fancybox auto-resize" for a better experience, and always make sure to click on the "Save" button once you're done.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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