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Are you looking for an app that allows you to create and run online courses? Now you can start your online courses business via this great app. This App has a lot of awesome features based on real business needs so you can start your online Courses business right now:

Create and link any product to its courses
Upload course files directly from the control panel
Admin can set the number of downloads
Dedicated customers page to download course content

Firstly, we will install the app in simple steps, access the apps and services section, and search for the Online Courses App:

Once we open its page, we will be able to proceed with installing the app by clicking on the "Install The App" as shown below:

After you have installed the app, make sure that the status is enabled then click on the Save button.

When going to the products section and entering the product page, you will notice that a new option is displayed which is "Online Courses":

You can add the product details normally such as: (Name, Description, Price, And photos). When you go to the online course section, you can add a new course by clicking on New Lesson and inside each course, you can add the sections/lessons by clicking on the "new session" button.

Once you click on the "New Session" button, the following page will be displayed:

Type in the session name in each language activated on your store, specify the allowed downloads count, and upload the course file, then click on the Save button. Also, you can specify the course expiration date by clicking on the (course expiration) button, then enter the expiration period and select the desired type which period_h means hours, period_d means days, and period_m means months:

When a customer purchases an order, they will be able to go to "My Courses" and download the course normally:

Then they will be able to download the course content as follows:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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