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Notify Me When Available App

Great app that displays the Email Subscription form in the frontend when a product is Out of Stock. When Product Back in Stock, this app will notify the subscribers by email in a background process.

In this article:

- Installing and setting up the app

- How the app works


- Advanced Waitlist app

- Shows the Email Subscription Form when Product is Out of Stock.

- Automatically/Manual notify by email when product comes Back In Stock.

- Turn the interested visitors into customers using the (Notify me when available)app.

- Works for both Guests and Members.

- For Members, their Email and Name are pre-filled in the Subscription Form.

- Option to Show Waitlist Subscribers Form backend

- Mail subject and message are customizable in Admin Settings.

Installing and setting up the app

To install the app, go to the apps and services from your dashboard.

Search for Notify Me When Available App, then install it.

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access the app settings which is divided into 3 sections (Settings, Requested Products, Customers requests)

1- Settings:

Status: make sure that the app status is enabled.

Auto notify: When enabling this button, the notification emails will be sent automatically once the products are available.

Email Subject: Where you can add the subject of the email that will be sent to customers.

Email body: You can use the email content variables on the left side of the content box, which will automatically be replaced with the customer’s actual data upon sending, for example if you use the variable {name}, it will be automatically replaced with the customer’s name. And when using {product name} this is replaced with the actual product name and so on).

Content box: the content box is where to write the content that will be sent to customers to inform them that the product is available again


2- Requested Products:

This section displays the products that customers have requested to be notified of when this product is available.

You can select the products, then click on the (Email) button to send a notification to customers that the product is now available.

3-  Customer requests: Through this section, you will be able to follow up with the requests that the customer has requested and to check their information such as (customer name, customer email, phone number, product, product quantity, customer have been notified or not,  and if the customer is a visitor or registered).

How the app works

When the customer accesses the product page on your store, if the product is unavailable, the customer will have the (notify me when available option as follows:

The following form will be displayed so they can then provide their name, email address, and phone number:

The products that customers requested to be notified of once they’re back available, will appear in the Requested Products section in the app.

You can select the product that has become available and click on the Send email button above to inform customers of the product availability status, in case the auto notification option is disabled in the application settings.

Also, you will find a list of customers who have requested to be informed about product availability and what these products are in the customer requests section.

You can delete the requests which customers have already been notified about, inform customers of the availability of the products once they are available, or completely delete the request without notifying the customers.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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