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Multi Merchant App: The seller's dashboard & Interface

Once a seller is logged into their account (to learn more about how to register, visit the rest of this category's articles) they can access their seller account by clicking on the Seller Personal Data button:

From here the seller can review and manage his profile as a seller:

Add/Create a new product:

The seller can add a product with its details in each language activated on the store:

View Your Orders:

Here, the seller's orders are displayed:

By pressing the button shown, the customer can view the details of the order and change its status:

Request your payout:

Through this page, the seller can create a payment request to get his financial dues:

Once the request is submitted, you will see the following form in Payments on the application page:

Once you have paid you can change the status to Paid, once you change the status the amount will be deducted from the seller's available balance.

From the same menu the sellers can create an auction, review their financial records and statistics, and even select the payment methods available for their products if this option is applicable:

The seller can review how he is billed under his picture as shown in the previous screenshot.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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