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Multi-Merchant App: How to set up and manage the application

The multi-merchant application is an application that once installed you will be able to transform your store into a multi-merchant platform, as a store manager you can control the sellers and organize their transactions, for more information about the application please check this article. In this article, we will explain how to control the basics of the application. Once you enter the application, the following menu will appear:

in this article:

Seller transactions
Seller Reviews
Seller groups


1- To enable the seller status, if the seller submitted the request through the store, his status will be disabled by default until you enable it.

2- To delete or modify the seller's data.

3- To list a seller from your side, you will add the seller details, create an account with a password and specify how the seller will be billed:

Selling fees can be a fixed percentage or amount that you get as an admin for each sale made by the seller. The method of listing fees is to get a percentage or a fixed amount when the seller lists a product. Next to them, choose the method for the seller to pay the fees, in the event that they are left blank, the seller will not be charged for selling or listing, in this case, the selling service on your store will be free unless subscriptions are activated (please check the article explains how to set the seller billing method in the same section in the Help Center). When creating a seller account, if already has a customer account, you can choose it while creating a seller account:

Seller transactions:

It is a simplified report that shows all the transactions of each seller within a period that you can select to filter the results.

Seller Reviews:

1- To modify or delete the review.

2- To create a review from your end.

Seller groups:

You can create a group and any seller in that group will be billed in the same way that you set for the group by default:

1- To create a group:

Set the commission and the payment method whether it's the balance or PayPal, you can leave them blank if you want the commission to be zero, and you can also bill in more than one way at the same time.

2- To edit or delete an existing group.


From here you can add properties that sellers can use while listing products, such as screen size or OS version, and so on.


All products of the store will be displayed here, whether your products or any product that was listed by a seller, choose the seller for each product and then click on the green mark to save the action. If no seller is selected, this means that the product is yours.


Here you can review all transactions of your store and create a transaction to debit one seller and transfer the amount to another seller.


Within this section are the records of payments made between the store and the sellers and the sellers' requests to withdraw their balance. A new payment can be added by the store manager by clicking on the Insert button at the top left of the page:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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